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Hi Ann,
Keep up the great work in touching off this debtors revolt fuse. I was just watching John Stossel on Bill O'Reilly's show today (11/10/09) and Bill is predicting a tax payer revolt. It has already started, Bill!

Anonymous said...

I DID get my property tax reassessed! In my county you needed three comparable sales to prove decreased value. It took about two months - not much work, just waiting. It CAN be done.

bart ebisch said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, keep up the fight. PLUS, remember, you have options, like firing your bank and switching to a credit union. It's simple and I did it. If millions do this, then the banks loose a lot of power. Think about it. Best to you...

Bill P, California said...

Hi Ann, great fight and WE THE PEOPLE need to get off our ARSES and join you. Usury is out of control by the banks and their greed comes shinning through. Thank God I left BofA in 1993. As a previous employee insider, let me tell you that BofA couldn't give a rat's arse about the common customer. The real credit risks are the rich customers. The bank pays anything on their accounts and overdraws the account because they "supposedly have money" with the bank and the bank waives all of their huge overdraft fees. Yet the average BofA customer pays for the rich pigs ignorant, uneducated banking practices. Those same flakes are out on the banks dime having coctails and playing golf with the VP's. It's all a good old boys club. To hell with BofA, Chase, Capitalism, they should have failed, yet they used Socialism to bail out their sorry greedy street arses! YOU GO GIRL!

I've Got a Secret said...

Hi Ann, Just saw you on Max Keiser. Great info. I would love to hear more of your ideas on a tax revolt. Am trying to get BoA to reduce our interest rate as well. It was arbitrarily raised as yours was. We asked to have it changed and they said no. Am trying again. If not, we will pay and never use again. Thanks! Hope you update soon.

Anonymous said...

Ann, The people abusing the average American are now calling us "Populists". I thought a Populist was a member of a large group who use politicians to pass laws to transfer wealth into their pockets in exchange for winning elections. Isn't that what the financial industry does along with many others. Lobbying is bribery and not freedom of speech as they claim. Criminals are running our country and we need to take it back and put them in jail. The thing that makes them criminals is that our Constitution is being laughed at as it relates to the average American while they are enjoying all of their rights and more. They also are blaming this all on the average American because he did not pay his mortgage and bought a house he should not have or entered into a bad deal on a mortgage. That is true but is nothing compared to what Wall Street and the big banks (after their requested repeal of Glass-Steagall) did selling credit default swaps and collateralized debt offerings fraudulently based on those mortgages. This problem would not exist if only the mortgage "crisis" exited. They have blamed their stealing on us. Finally Americans are realizing what has and is still happening and are becoming outraged - a normal reaction. Let's vote em all out and if that doesn't do the job which it probably won't let's admit our government has been overthrown and that we need to take it back. All involved need to be arrested thrown in jail and if they refuse to be arrested better yet. In the meantime your idea will help it is a great start. Good luck.


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