Tax Revolt Coming Soon! (It's not what you might think)


MsTweetie said...

You go Ann! Great job. Yes, one person CAN make a difference! And you have started something that took bravery, persistence, and yes, legitimate threats to invoke change for the ordinary middle-class American. Keep up the good work and I will be following you as well and put my name in the "Debtors Revolt Army Members area. Don't give up! You're a true Patriot!

atila said...

what a great job.

my trial is Dec 21 and will lose my house and over 250k to these guys

Anonymous said...

Do not pay any credt cards after Jan. 1,2010...

not one!!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like the "Tax Revolt Coming Soon" has been in the making for some time now.
I must admit I was looking forward to a "revolt" but with only slightly more than 100 people, how much of an impact will this have.
Taking over a month for "coming soon" does not excite me either.
I still back the idea but let's get going and make an impact on the sharks in the big banks.

John Frum said...

misso said...


marcianne said...

I quit paying tax 5 years ago.
Me and hundreds, possbly thousands of others.

I quit paying credit cards 2 years ago. They got enough money from me.

Michael Dennison said...


I love what you are doing and I really hope that this will be the beginning of the end for these criminals robbing America!

It was my understanding from my history lessons that this was all taken care of around the beginning of the last century when the Robber Barons and their ilk (Anti-Trust,et al.) were taken out of commission. Apparently, they have either figured out the loop holes and/or used their connections to our crooked politicians to get their way.

For instance, the latest atrocity foisted upon the American People by the TRAITORIOUS FIVE Supreme Court "justices"(?). They have removed any limits on corporations (multi-national or otherwise) regarding campaign contributions.

In essence, they can now basically BUY political positions for whatever crooks they want to put into power! Research it online!

It is appalling how many uninformed people there are in this country! People, please, WAKE UP!!!

Thank you for statring this site!
I really truly hope that it gets something positive started.

Anonymous said...

You go Ann, It appears that you are making an impact, the banks ae in more trouble now then they think and still gambling our money. Look what just happend to JP Morgn Chase, what a loss for them, and that this the biggest bank in the country. Many ppl are goin to smaller banks. BOA once big is still in serious trouble, all hanks to you informing ppl to go to small manks and credit unions.
Morgan Stangly, still laying off ppl.
Now to get rid of Bobo pres.
We love you, Dennis


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